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KUALA LUMPUR: MGB Bhd’s wholly owned subsidiary, MGB Construction & Engineering Sdn Bhd has clinched a construction contract worth RM225.03mil.

The construction engineering company, in a filing with Bursa Malaysia said MGBCE had accepted a letter of award from Akitek AKIPRIMA Sdn Bhd on behalf of Utuh Aspirasi Sdn Bhd (UASB for a proposed development project in Bandar Putra Permai, Selangor.

The first phase of the contract is valued at RM145.74mil. It involves the construction of a 29-storey comprising of 725 units’ commercial service apartments, 1 block of 10-storey podium car park, a 2-storey clubhouse, one futsal court, guard house and refuse chamber.




Phase two of the contract, valued at RM79.29mil, involved the construction of a 29-storey comprising of 725 units’ commercial service apartments, one takraw court and one basketball court (half court).

The date of commencement is on Sept 1 and is to be completed on Feb 28, 2025.

“With the contract in hand, the group’s current outstanding order book is approximately RM2.08bil.

“The contract will have no effect on the issued share capital of the company but it is expected to contribute positively to the earnings and net assets per share of the company and the group over the duration of the contract,” MGB said.

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