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Foreign net selling of Bursa equities picks up to RM320.3mil

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KUALA LUMPUR: Net selling of domestic equities by offshore funds accelerated in the previous week to RM320.3mil, more than five times the amount registered in the week prior.

According to MIDF Research, more than half of the net outflow was recorded on Thursday as RM196.3mil net value left the Malaysian market.

The fund flow on Bursa Malaysia was in line with developments in the region as foreign investors continued to pull out of Asian equities for the fourth straight week.

"Based on the provisional aggregate data for the seven Asian exchanges that we track, investors classified as 'foreign' sold US$3.01b net last week, slightly lower as compared to a net selling of US$3.41b in the previous week.

"Out of the 26 trading weeks so far in 2022, there has been 19 weeks of net selling and seven weeks of net buying," said MIDF.

Meanwhile, local institutions on Bursa Malaysia turned net buyers for the week with RM182.7mi net inflow.

Local retailers maintained their net buying pree for the fourth week with RM137.5mil net purchases.

In terms of the sector, industrial products and services, technology and energy saw the highest net outflow by foreigners amounting to RM124.6m, RM83mil and RM60.1mil.

Biggest net buying by foreigners was in utilities with RM19.6m.

There was growth in average daily trade value (ADTV) among foreign investors by 10.14%. Retail investors and institutional investors saw declines in ADTV by 7.56% and 13.85% respectively.

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